Session 1: Leadership for Patient Centered Healthcare
Time Topic Speaker Chair
9:30AM – 9:35 AM Welcome & Keynote Speaker Introduction 
9.35AM-10:05AM Keynote Address: Dr. Sneh Bhargava, Medical Director & Senior Consultant Radiology, Sitaram Bhartiya Institute of Science & Research, Former Director, AIIMS, New Delhi.
10:05AM-10:10AM Introduction of Speakers
10:10AM-10:25AM Challenges in Public healthcare facilities Dr.P Satyanarayana
Ex Director- SVIMS,Tirupati & Ex-Medical Superintendent, Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad.
Dr. Sneh Bhargava
10:25AM-10:40AM Challenges in private healthcare facilities Col. (Dr.) M. Dayananda, Director, JSS Medical College, Mysore Moderator
Dr. Nirupam Madaan,
Additional Professor,
Dept. of Hosp. Administration, AIIMS, New Delhi
10:40AM-11:25AM Panel Discussion
Sh. Subhashish Panda, IAS, Deputy Director (Administration), AIIMS, New Delhi;
Professor (Dr.) A. K. Gupta, Medical Superintendent cum Head, Department Of Hospital Administration, PGIMER, Chandigarh.
11:25 AM – 11:30 AM Sponsor Session
11:30AM -12:00PM Tea Break
12:00PM – 1:00PM Inauguration
Address by Organizing Chairperson/Patrons/Guest of Honour
Address by Chief Guest
01:00 PM – 2:00 PM Lunch
Session 2: Technology – Today & Tomorrow, A.I, Digital health , Robotics
2:00PM -2:05PM Introduction of Speakers of Session 
2:05PM -2:20PM The Intersection of Cloud and AI in Healthcare Mr. Puneet Singh
Senior Manager
Microsoft R & D, Hyderabad, Hyderabad
Maj Gen S D Behera, AVSM
Ministry of Defence
New Delhi
2:20 PM- 2:35 PM How far, How deep: Current Capabilities of AI in Healthcare Dr. Renu John
Professor & Head, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, IIT, Hyderabad
Dr. Rajiv Pathni,
Head of operations,
Assam Cancer Care Foundation
2:35 PM- 2:50 PM Possibility to Actuality- Shaping Global Frugal disruptions from India Dr. Vishal U S Rao
Regional Director
Head Neck Surgical Oncology & Robotic Surgery
2:50 PM – 3:15 PM Panel Discussion
Dr. Vidur Mahajan, Associate Director, Mahajan imaging & Head of R& D CARING;
Mr. Jayakrishnan T, CEO, ASIMOV Robotics.
3:15PM – 3:45PM Tea Break
Session 3: Support services, Optimization  & Decision sciences
3:45 PM- 3:50 PM Welcome & Keynote Speaker Introduction   
3:50 PM- 4:20 PM Key Note Address: Air Marshal (Dr.) Pawan Kapoor (Retd.)
4:20 PM- 4:25 PM Introduction of Speakers
4:25 PM- 4:40 PM Hospital Equipment Management Professor (Col) Dr. R.N. Basu,     Advisor, Quality & Academics,
Medica Superspecialty Hospital, Kolkata 
Dr. D K Sharma
Medical Superintendent, AIIMS, New Delhi
4:40 PM – 4:55 PM Laboratory Innovations Magline Rufina F R,
Head – Communication
Roche Diagnostics India, Mumbai
4:55 PM- 5:10 PM Digital Health Record Management Mr. Anuj Kapur
M/s Iron Mountain, New Delhi
5:10 PM- 5:25 PM Best Laundry practices Mr. Anshul Gupta,
Founder Director
Quick Clean Laundry System 
Session 4: Healthcare Financing & Insurance
Time Topic Speaker Chair
9.30AM-9.35AM Welcome & Keynote Speaker – Introduction  
9.35AM-10:05AM Key Note Address: Dr. Narottam Puri, Medical Advisor- Fortis Healthcare, Advisor(Health Services)- FICCI, Chairman- NABH Emeritus consulatant(ENT)- Fortis Health care, New Delhi
10:05AM-10:10AM Introduction of Speakers 
10:10AM-10:25AM Overview of CGHS with Financial Insights Dr. D. C. Joshi,
Advisor, MOHFW (CGHS),New Delhi
Dr. Narottam Puri
10:25AM-10:40AM Changing Models of care and integrated care and the implications for the health workforce and sustainable funding of the health system Mary Ellen Miller,
Director, Siggins Miller Consultants,
Pullenvale, Queensland, Australia
Dr. Shyama Nagarajan
10:40AM-11:10AM Panel Discussion
Prof. (Dr.) Hem Chandra, Vice Chancellor, H. N. Bahuguna Uttarakhand Medical Education University;
Dr. Arun Gupta, Executive Director, NHA Division Hospital Networking & Quality Assurance;
Dr. Ravindra Y Asangi, CMO (NFSG) CGHS.  
11:10 AM – 11:15 AM Sponsor Session
Intralogistics of Material and waste within a Hospital
Speaker : Harshil Narula
11:15AM -11.45AM Tea Break
Session 5: Hospital Infection Control & Antimicrobial Stewardship
11:45 AM-11.50 AM Introduction of Speakers
11:50 AM-12:05 PM Smart solutions for Hospital infection control Dr. Manisha Biswal,
Professor, Dept. of Medical Microbiology, PGIMER.
Prof. A.K. Agarwal
Adjunct Prof.,IIHMR, New Delhi
Former Director, School of Health Sciences, IGNOU
12:05 PM-12:20 PM Environment Cleaning in Healthcare Facilities Dr. Gagandeep,
Associate Prof., Dept. of Microbiology, AIIMS, New Delhi.
Dr. Vipin Koushal, Professor
Dept. of Hospital Administration
PGIMER, Chandigarh.
12:20 PM – 12:35 PM The Economics of Hospital Infections Dr. Sanjeev Singh
Medical Superintendent, School of Medicine, Kochi.
12:35 PM- 01:05 PM Panel Discussion
Dr. T. S. Jain, President, Hospital Infection Society, New Delhi
01:05 PM – 2:10 PM Lunch
Session 6 :Quality Accreditation & Patient Safety
2:10PM – 2:15 PM Welcome & Keynote Speaker Introduction
2:15 PM- 2:45 PM Keynote Address: Dr. N.K. Arora, Executive Director, Inclen Trust International, New Delhi 
2:45 PM – 2:50 PM Introduction of Speakers
2:50PM- 3:05 PM Quality improvement- Role of Frontline Healhcare provider Dr. Ashok Deorari
Professor & Head, Department of Pediatrics, AIIMS, New Delhi
Dr. N.K. Arora
3:05 PM – 3:20 PM Patient Safety Mr. J.N. Srivatsava,
Advisor, NHSRC, New Delhi .
Dr. Amit Lathwal
Additional Professor
Department of Hospital Administration
AIIMS, New Delhi
3:20 PM- 3.50 PM Panel Discussion
Dr. Sidhartha Satpathy, Professor & Head, Dept. of Hosp. Administration, AIIMS, New Delhi;
Dr. Narendranath, Professor & Head, Dept. of Hosp. Administration, M.S.Ramaiah Medical College and Chief Administrator, Ramaiah Hospital, Bangalore
03:50 PM -03:55 PM Sponsor Session
Innovation in OR TECHNOLOGY.
Speaker: Mr. Rajesh Luthra, M/s Surgiris.
3:55 PM – 4:25 PM Tea Break
Session 7: Project Management & Facility Planning, Clean & Green hospitals
4:25 PM – 4:30 PM Introduction of Speakers
4:30 PM- 4:45 PM Project Management in Healthcare, in times of Digital Disruption – The Intersection of Strategy, People, Technology and Process. Mr. Srini Srinivasan
Managing Director, PMI, India
Lt. Gen Anup Banerji SM, PHS
DGAFMS and Senior Colonel Commandant- AMC.
4:45 PM- 5:00 PM Vision for Green Hospitals Mr. P.S. Saini,
Superintending Hospital Engineer,
PGIMER, Chandigarh 
Dr. Angel Rajan Singh
Associate Professor
Department of Hospital Administration
AIIMS, New Delhi.
5:00 PM- 5.30 PM Panel Discussion
Brig Dr. Pradeep Srivastava, Dy. Comdt., Command Hospital, Lucknow;
Prof. (Dr.) Anil Dewan, Professor of Architecture, School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi;
Mr. Darpan Katyal, Managing Partner- Urbane The Design Workshop, Chairman- IVS School of Design, MD- Sky Construction company. 
End of Day 2
Session 8: Research as key driver in healthcare system
Time Topic Speaker Chair
9.30AM-9.35AM Welcome & Keynote Speaker Introduction
9.35AM-10:05AM Key Note Address: Dr. Kameshwar Prasad, Professor Neurology, Former Chief- Neuro Sciences Centre, AIIMS, New Delhi 
10:05AM-10:10 AM Introduction of Speakers 
10:10AM-10:25AM Role and impact of research in shaping healthcare policy. Dr. N K Arora
Executive Director
Inclen Trust International, New Delhi
Dr. Kameshwar Prasad
10:25 AM – 10:40 AM Ethical concerns of clinical trials in India. Professor (Dr.) Sameer Bakshi,
Department of Medical Oncology,
AIIMS, New Delhi
Dr. Sidhartha Satpathy
Professor & Head
Dept. of Hosp. Administration, AIIMS, New Delhi.
10:40AM-11:10AM Panel Discussion
Dr. Rajeev Kumar, Assosiate Dean & Professor, Department of Urology,  AIIMS, New Delhi
11:10AM -11:15 AM Sponsor Session
11:15AM -11.45AM Tea Break
Session 9: New Age Business Models & Start Ups
11:45 AM-11.50 AM Introduction of Speakers
11:50 AM-12:05 PM The Digital Health Revolution Prashant Tandon,
Founder & CEO, 1MG Technologies Pvt Ltd, Delhi.
Dr. Shakti Kumar Gupta,
AIIMS, New Delhi
12:05 PM-12:20 PM Continuing technology in continued medical education: A revolution unfolding in India Maj Dr Guruprasad T,
Omnicuris, Bangalore.
Dr. Mahesh R.
Additional Professor,
Department of Hospital Administration,
AIIMS, New Delhi
12:20 PM – 12:35 PM Providing healthcare access anytime, anywhere to everyone. Viswanathan N S,
CFO, Mfine, Bangalore
12.35 PM- 12:50 PM A new lease of life: SIA Health Dr. D N Suharsh,
Co-founder & Director, SIA Rehab, Hyderabad.
12.50 PM- 01:20 PM Panel Discussion
Dr. Nagendra Swamy S.C, Founder Chairman at Medisync Health Management Services Private Limited, Bangalore.
01:20 PM -01:25 PM Sponsor Session
01:25 PM – 2:25 PM Lunch
Session 10: CSR in Healthcare
Time Topic Speaker Chair
02:25 PM to 02:30 PM Welcome & Keynote Speaker Introduction
02:30 PM to 02:45 PM Key Note Address: CSR in healthcare for Novel Causes, Mr. Rajat Sharma, Chairman & Chief, India TV, New Delhi.
02:45 PM to 02:50 PM Introduction of Speakers Chairperson
Dr.OP Kharbanda
Chief CDER
AIIMS, New Delhi
02:50 PM to 03:05 PM CSR- Sustainability & Legal framework Dr. Garima Dadhich
Head, Corporate Social Responsibility
Head, Centre For Business & Human Rights
Indian Institute of Corporate affairs
Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
Dr. Anoop Daga
Additional Professor
Department of Hospital Administration
AIIMS, New Delhi
3:05 PM-03:35 PM Panel Discussion: CSR in Healthcare- Road Ahead for India
Dr. Aarti Vij, Professor, Department of Hospital Administration; Professor In-charge ORBO; Chairperson- Media & Protocol  AIIMS, New Delhi,
Mr. Anshul Bhargav, Chief People Officer & Head CSR, PNB Housing, New Delhi.
Mr. Arvind Singh, Chairman,  AAI, New Delhi
03:35 PM-4:00 PM Tea Break
04:00 PM- 05:00 PM Oral Paper Presentations: Jury
Dr. I. B. Singh, Addl. MS, CNC & Professor, Department of Hospital Administration, AIIMS, New Delhi;
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Arya, Professor, Department of Hospital Administration, AIIMS, New Delhi;    
Dr. Mahesh R ,Additional Professor, Department of Hospital Administration, AIIMS, New Delhi.
05:00 PM- 05:30 PM Valedictory Ceremony